We want to promote the meeting between international tourism demand, that tour operators and travel agencies, and offer business usage of Puglia and the Ionian Islands, via the implementation of innovative technological tools and easy to use.


We want to translate the historical ties, cultural and economic between Puglia and the Ionian Islands in an economic development opportunities for small tourist facilities extralberghiere that are the most authentic expression of tradition and local culture.

The CETA project fulfills its mission and achieves its vision through the production of the following multimedia tools:

  • Construction of a ticker-border tourist offer business usage.

  • The electronic stock exchange is a computerized service, with clear rules and transparent, which presents itself as a medium of exchange and flexible connection between the questions and offers of tourism extralberghiero (BtoB).

  • Defining a Service Charter for the qualification of the tourist or for the creation of local networks and cross-border between accommodation extralberghiere selected on the basis of sustainability criteria cultural, economic and environmental.

  • Training and information for local tour operators.

  • Development of a multimedia platform for the phone and Android, which delivers information services relating to intermodal connections between the ports of Bari, Brindisi and Corfu, railway stations (only for Bari and Brindisi), bus lines and airports of the same territories.

  • Development of an interactive guide to improve access to information regarding the use of cultural and environmental sites of the territory.