Chamber of Commerce of Bari (LP)

The Chamber of Commerce is an autonomous public legal entity which has, in the territorial provincial functions of general interest to the business sector by promoting and taking care of the development as part of local economies.

An institution open, close to the economic activities of the territory of which interprets voices and values giving impetus to their development through the provision of real services.

Connected to network with the entire chamber system in Italy and abroad; integrated with other organizations and national institutions; supported by the collaboration of business associations, the Chamber is for companies the access door to the Public Administration, the confluence of manufacturing activities and the state.

The Chamber manages facilities and infrastructure at the local, regional and national level; participates in organizations and consortia; constitute special agencies for the implementation of specific interventions.

Innova Puglia S.p.A.

InnovaPuglia S.p.A. is a company controlled by the Apulian Region for strategic planning in support of innovation ICT (Information and Communication Technology).

The company accompanies the region in the definition of the Regional Digital System, a prerequisite for the development of innovative services that achieve the goal of improving the quality of life of citizens and businesses.

InnovaPuglia is entrusted with the task of implementing in Apulia the European Digital Agenda, according to the paradigm of Smart and Open Innovation, in order to simplify the relationship with the government, contain and rationalize public spending .

Corfu Chamber of Commerce

Chamber of Corfu originally established in 15/9/1851 is the oldest chamber of Greece.

Nowadays Chamber of Corfu is the result of the merger of the Corfu Chamber of Commerce, Industrial Chamber of Corfu and Professional Chamber of Corfu as a result of the formation of institutional Chambers in Greece.

Chamber of Corfu has an institutional role to support and represent its member enterprises and a constitutional role to advise the Greek state on all matters related with the enterprises activities. Within this framework Chamber of Corfu aims to support the economic growth by assuming initiatives for the benefit of the enterprises of Corfu territory.

Chamber of Corfu represents about 16.000 member enterprises. These are participating in the four activity circles of the Chamber the Touristic, the Commercial, the Services and the Manufacturing.

Ionian University

The Ionian University opened to students in 1985. It is located in Corfu, an island rich in history and natural beauty. Over the past 20 years, the University has shown remarkable growth and progress, with new academic departments and a staff of young scholars and skilful teachers.

A modern and dynamic institution, the Ionian University at present comprises six academic departments and nine postgraduate programs all of which stand out for their distinctive cultural and educational. In addition, three of these departments are unique in Greece. Over the past decade, the Ionian University has grown rapidly, has made great strides toward research with adequate facilities to accommodate its services and has presented notable cultural activity.

The Ionian University is known for the originality of its fields of science, as well as for its firm decision to develop always insisting on small numbers and human scales. The teacher-student ratio, which is about 1:10, clearly illustrates this fact. Teachers and students together form a small academic community, within a city of 40,000 people. Teachers are personally in contact with the students, to communicate with them on a daily basis and closely observe their progress, even after graduation. Students benefit from opportunities and participating in exchange programs to gain experience in studying abroad. This can be achieved either through European exchange programs (ERASMUS / SOCRATES), educational trips abroad or practicums during their studies.

Both classrooms and administrative services at the University are located in the city of Corfu. An ideal tourist destination for most, Corfu represents a cultural and intellectual center for the academic community. In 1824 the Ionian Academy, the first Greek university, was founded in Corfu, as was also the first School of Fine Arts. The Department of Musical Studies and the Department of Audio and Visual Arts Ionian University have their roots in the long tradition of Corfu for artistic expression and creation in the field of music and the fine arts.