Cross border electronic Exchange for the tourism business accommodation units: information services to match offer and demand.

  • CETA is a project funded by European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece - Italy 2007-2013.

  • CETA develops marketing intelligence tools designed and implemented to support non hotel accommodations. The Chamber of Commerce of Bari, the Chamber of Commerce of Corfu, Innova Puglia SpA and the Ionian University combine together their skills to create a cross border touristic offer to improve non hotel accommodation.

  • CETA is BtoB electronic exchange that facilitates the match between the demand of travel agencies and tour organizers and the offer of Puglia Region and Ionian Islands.

  • CETA is a multimedia tool through which the "self organizer tourists" choose their journey and move in the territories, using the network of internal and cross-border transport, travelling in complete autonomy.

  • CETA is an interactive guide for the "curious tourist" that goes beyond the "beaten track" and discover unusual itineraries and routes and local heritage.

CETA is a project thought and implemented by: